Yoga: Get 1% Better Everyday


Yoga a practice that became increasingly popular these days. Today’s busy lives require some inner peace practicing yoga can help you achieve it. Apart from mental peace yoga provides physical and other mental benefits. There are so many reasons why we don’t practice yoga regularly it maybe because you can’t do the pose right or it’s too difficult to do correct pose. This article is for those who are trying to get better in doing poses but also for those who are trying to find a meaning for them to get better every day.

Why do you need yoga?

People are often concerned about their mental health, there are times where we feel low about ourselves, we think something is not right and we keep overthinking which leads to anxiety and depression like symptoms. We always find shortcuts to finish tasks then why compromise for mental health, yoga is one such practice that helps in managing anxiety and depression symptoms. It improves your psychological health and relieves you from any sort of stress and promotes good sleep. Practicing yoga everyday gives you energy to balance your work life and be efficient. It keeps your heart healthy and helps those who are dealing with chronic illness.


How yoga different from regular exercises?

Fitness workouts and yoga both have their own benefits. Yoga is something you where you can find peace whereas fitness workouts happen to show instant results which lead to many complications in future. The pressure you take while doing fitness workouts is something which is not advisable. Yoga focuses on attention and develops inner awareness and gives you better body also better mind. Yoga is something you do for wellness of both body and mind. If your aim is overall fitness of your body, it is yoga you choose to practice every day.

Yoga is a journey where it transforms a person into a better individual and changes the person mindset on how he sees things. A person is responsible for their outer actions but the outer actions which are controlled by the inner emotions, the soul which can be controlled only by practicing yoga. It is not just a practice but an energy to reconstruct yourself, a light to bring the person from darkness, a path to become a new you, a way to add more life to live fullest, a way to get 1 percent better every day.