Results of 2018 are available

The results of the 2018 edition are now available. . Access to results.

International Wine Awards 2018 - 9th edition

The competition

The competition "International Wine Awards" is organized and developed by Catavinum in Vitoria (Spain).

The objectives of this competition are:

  • Inform international consumers and professionals of about the quality of award winning wines, helping to disseminate and communicate it.
  • Provide a message of guidance to 80% of consumers who expect international references on wine.
  • Increase the production of quality wines.
  • Help spread the culture of wine and consumption reasonable of this beverage with beneficial health qualities.

The success of this competition is based on three factors:

  • The experience of Catavinum (16 years) in the development of guides and wine competitions.
  • The international dimension of competition in which participate producers and wineries of the major countries.
  • The promotion and dissemination of results at international level in order to help publicize the world's finest wines.

We take this opportunity to invite wine producers to participate.

Good luck!

Inscription here.

Shipment of samples

  • Deadline for receipt of samples: June 15, 2018.
  • Publication of results: July, 2018.

Awarded wines in 2017

Taylors The Pioneer Shiraz 2014
Wakefield/taylors Wines
Amarone Dinnay Classico Valpolicella 2013
Società Agricola Sartori Rino
SaÓ Rosat 2016
Mas Blanch I JovÉ
Poderi Moretti Langhe Doc Montevada 2013
A Agr. Vitivinicola Poderi Moretti Di Moretti Francesco
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